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Vinaya is 20-city wide educational-summit that has been organized by The All-India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) and The Indian Institute of Jewellery (IIJ.) Both, IIJ and GJF, since 2007, have been conducting various workshops and seminars and this time were keen to have an event which would really impact the Indian gems and jewellery industry. This summit has been created with a specific purpose- to professionalize and educate the Industry, at no cost!

In India, more than 90% of the Gems and jewellery industry is part of the unorganized sector. IIJ and GJF realize that as the Indian gems and jewellery industry progresses it is important for jewellers to uphold world class standards for all related business operations. It is becoming increasingly imperative that an Industry that is fundamentally considered to be one big “family-business” become professional and standardized. In order to truly succeed a much larger part of the Industry has to find its way in to the organized sector.

Vinaya has been engineered to ensure that this transition can be made. This idea will be emphasized through discussions, seminars, and interactive workshops. The aim is to promote the Indian gems and jewellery industry by providing education in a systematic manner on topics ranging from Jewellery Design and Manufacture to jewellery retail and management. Additionally, discussions on Bullions, standardization of quality, direct tax codes (related to gems and jewellery) will also be featured. Specific “Mentors” have been selected based on their contribution to the Industry and their valuable experiences in their own respective jewellery-related fields.

Vinaya has been created to ensure that its impact is long lasting. In order for the impact to be of a permanent nature, the summit’s reach has to be widespread. The target is 800 cities which will be covered over 80 chapters. This year, 2012 will see the completion of 3 chapters.
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